Nursery Drama

Ludoo is back at nursery and by God I’m excited. The problem is Ludoo is not. Despite attending all of last year, he is finding the whole morning drop off routine quite traumatic….again. There is a lot of wailing, gesticulating and nose wiping going on.  And he’s not the only one…the other day it was like a frigging chorus of ten screaming children, with Ludoo being the loudest and most expressive (apart from this one child who was rolling around on the floor howling hysterically).

The interesting thing is, I never had this issue with Flump. She just skipped into nursery and got on with it. Independent and full of enthusiasm. Ludoo, in contrast, starts sobbing before we even get to the nursery gate, with his desperate pleas “Mummy I want you, mummy I need you.” Admittedly it’s hard to hear and not the ideal start to my day. As awful as it is, I frequently leave him sobbing in the capable hands of his nursery teachers. The key, I find, is to make a quick exit…the longer I linger the worse he becomes. And when I return to pick him up, he is perfectly happy, with food, paint and snot smudged all over his face, just like all the other children.  I know he’s had a good time and I know it’s good for him (and me) to be at nursery.

I’ve come to realise that some children are just more sensitive and needier than others. Ludoo demands my full attention and requires constant reassurance. Sometimes it’s at the most inappropriate of times, for example when he kept asking me loudly at my daughter’s school assembly ‘Mummy do you love me?’ at five minute intervals. It was a bit embarrassing but if I didn’t reassure him he got increasingly agitated and upset. That’s just him. Whilst it drives me nuts sometimes and can make life a lot more challenging (especially in the mornings), the flip side is no man has ever given me this level of attention in my life. EVER. Not even the Old Git when he was trying to woo/trick me. I am the centre of Ludoo’s world and the focus of all of his attention and affection. I’ll take it for as long I’ve got it.

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14 thoughts on “Nursery Drama”

  1. Fab!
    This sounds so familiar, thank god I am past the days of nursery drops! Bless little Ludoo, you will remain the centre of his universe for a long while yet…Enjoy it!

    1. I’m trying to be positive about his endless demands and need for attention! Plus it is nice to feel SO important:) Thanks Pushpa.

  2. Shazia, I love it and so spot on! Rest assured your definitely not alone! The nursery I work in is much the same! A chorus of crying, screaming and snot wiping! Even one being sick because they have got that upset! Keep up the excellent writing. X

  3. Chorus of ten screaming kids!!! You really deserve that cup of tea alone after all of this! Had a laugh reading this… I’m glad you finally did it xx

  4. It’s very important to understand and accept that each child is different and they have their own way of showing their love for us in many odd and difficult ways but in the end we will are in the same boat and that’s why makes it easy to do what we do everyday !


  5. This is super cute, can totally relate to this level of attention as I’m the mother of 3 affectionate boys. They are obsessed to the point of madness. Nursery drop offs with No 1 was easy peasy, No2 was the velcro baby! It will get better hopefully.

  6. Save this part of your blog for when he’s older – it’s amazing and it’s something so special to highlight at the milestones in his life. Love it x

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