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Recently I’ve been looking in the mirror and examining my reflection with much greater scrutiny. Damn! When did those frown lines appear on my forehead? Why is there grey hair suddenly popping out around my temples? Why do my eyes look so puffy? Flipping hell, this is NOT good and calls for emergency measures to be implemented immediately.  Being beautiful is not to be taken for granted and requires a whole heap of time and investment. Time does not stand still for anybody and I for one will not submit to being a frazzled, frumpy mum of forty. Forget it.

That being said, I’m not going to suddenly start caking myself in full makeup every day or dress like I’m going to a party on the school run. No. But I am going to start taking a bit more care of myself. Firstly, in my state of mad panic, I went out and bought a whole range of really expensive anti-aging products. Perfectly justifiable, I say, as these are emergency measures, right? I have now been introduced to the rather costly world of Estee Lauder and every time I smear my anti-aging serum all over my face I can almost feel the expensive magic working. Hoorah, I’m one step closer to reviving my youthful glow.

I’ve also spent a fortune on various eye creams to stop myself from looking like I’ve been in a punch up or that I’m related to a panda. Call me a mug, but I see this as an investment in my future health and wellbeing. Dermalogica, you had better be the miracle I’m looking for.

Makeup party! How exciting. (Photo courtesy of Mahum Butt at Mahummakeup).
Makeup party! How exciting. (Photo courtesy of Mahum Butt at Mahummakeup).

Then there’s the rather fascinating world of makeup. I was recently invited to a couple of makeup/networking parties where I was mesmerised by the hundred thousand different products that are apparently required to achieve the flawless beauty look. Only then did I realise how utterly inept and uninformed I am. Skin primers, colour correctors, eye primers, highlighters, contouring kits, finishing spray, the list is endless. And to think, for the last twenty years all I’ve been using is under eye concealer, powder foundation and blusher. More fool me. That being said, how on earth am I meant to fit this whole new makeup regime into my day? It’s not looking likely but I’ve certainly taken away some useful tips. Next time you see me with my own version of the smokey eye, try not to laugh please.

Post makeover! Clearly I did not do this myself.
Post makeover! Clearly I did not do this myself. (Makeup courtesy of ‘Love Glamour by Nazila’).

I’ve also started doing Zumba in an attempt to shake the flab and get toned. At my age you only need to look at a cream cake and you will absorb the calories. So now I’m shaking my bootie to Latin American and fusion Bhangra music and, quite frankly, having the time of my life. It’s like I’m going to a full on rave every Monday morning. I love it and before you know it, I will be sporting those super skimpy, body tight leggings and no one will bat an eyelid. Woo hoo!

As for the Old Git, he is rather bemused by my latest crisis, albeit anxious about my spending spree. He tells me I still look the same as I did when he first met me eleven years ago (are you kidding me?) and that he still finds me attractive. Clearly all the right things to say but if only he said it with a bit more interest and enthusiasm. It’s more like a passing comment on his way to the toilet when I stop to ask him. Oh well.  In any event, I shall continue with my new beauty drive, not because I’m hoping to find eternal youth, but simply because it makes me feel good. Beauty evolves and so will I. Be gone frumpiness. And welcome style and grace.

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8 thoughts on “Being Beautiful”

  1. Very droll – btw coco Chanel wouldn’t shower with warm water above the navel.

    Ice showers are nature’s face lift..

    1. Thanks for sharing Zachary! I shall bear that in mind as part of my new health and beauty drive:)

    1. Thank you so much! I look forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Totally to the point, need to get training from beautiful you on all the above tricks please ASAP!!!

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