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There are broadly two types of people in this world; those that think there is nothing more satisfying than watching TV in bed, and those that vociferously object to it as the ultimate passion and sleep killer. Telly conflict between couples is extremely common. Forget Brexit, austerity and NHS shortages, the debate over whether to have a television in the bedroom is one of the most controversial and prevalent issues of our time. It’s very difficult to resolve, and one party will always end up feeling hacked off. So which camp do you fall into?

Personally I LOVE watching TV from the comfort of my bed. It’s snug and warm and  I can’t think of anything dreamier. It’s like being wrapped up in a giant marshmallow; everything is soft and cosy. It’s pure self-indulgence and the ultimate way to relax. I remember when I first had baby Flump, I was so shattered by the end of each day that I just wanted to lie in bed and watch mindless telly for a while before tending to the next feed. It was a way for me to be entertained and exhausted simultaneously. I loved it. At that point the Old Git had no choice but to tolerate it as he didn’t want to trigger any new-mum hysteria. These days, however, he’s not so compliant.

This bedroom is calling out for a TV!
This bedroom is calling out for a TV!

The Old Git thinks having a TV in the bedroom is a cardinal sin . He hates it. Fortunately for him, when we moved house, the bedroom telly got the chop and has never been replaced, much to my dismay. He has a completely different vision of bedtime to me (yes, even after 12 years of marriage). He envisages a blacked out, silent room with no wind down period before bed. He just hops right in and goes to sleep. Whereas I like to have a ritual, a bit of reading, pillow talk or TV. I’ve read all of the research about screen time being bad for you before bed and keeping you alert (truth be told, I’d never let my kids have a TV in their rooms for that reason) but I’m a fully grown woman and can do what I please! Except that I can’t. Because of a certain Old Git.

Forced to camp out in the living room..
Forced to camp out and watch TV in the living room 🙁

There’s no end resolution in sight (headphones and eye masks have gone down like a lead balloon with the Old Git). I’ve just had to suck it up for the last few years and resort to watching the TV downstairs (how uncivilised). But I think the Old Git’s good fortune is about to change. I’ve been eyeing up a TV screen and know exactly where I’ll put it. It’s his turn to suck it up. That’s how marriage works after all. You just take it in turns to be ticked off. It’s the fairest way.

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15 thoughts on “Watching TV in bed”

  1. We both grew up in houses where we had TVs in the bedroom and even had one in our first flat but strangely neither of us want one now, suspect if we did thenkids would just be harassing us to get one all the time!

    1. That’s a fair point. There is always the risk of the kids intruding which opens up a whole new can of worms..I’d have to make it a no kids zone!

  2. We’ve been going back and forth on getting a TV for the bedroom or no but came to the conclusion that we won’t be needing two TV’s in our apartment.
    We both love having a TV running in the background when we go to sleep so I’m guessing we’ll make room for a second TV whenever we move to a bigger place.

    This was a fun post to read. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Oh Shazia, totally understand what you mean. For us the same situation, I would like to watch a bit of telly before falling asleep. Hubby on the other hand falls asleep even before his head touches the pillow so needs a dark, quiet room. Love your style of writing .

  4. actually I do every ritual which u said except watching TV. it is a time killer for me so I stopped watching it from last couple of years. only few films.

    1. Like I said, the world is made up of two groups of people ; those that do and those that don’t watch TV in bed 🙂

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