It’s Time to get Fit

Some people are naturally inclined to be sporty, active and fit. Others, like me, are not. For those in my camp, the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym or of going out for a run once the kids are in bed is crazy, unthinkable and, quite frankly,  abnormal. There’s more chance of my kid volunteering to do English comprehension homework or of the Old Git emptying out the bins without prompting than of that happening. However, even for those of us in the “inactive” camp, there comes a point when we realise something needs to change and it’s time to get fit.

Some of us do it soon after having a baby, or after experiencing a health issue or perhaps because we have a special occasion we want to get in shape for. For me, it was the realisation that I’d hit my forties and could not rely on my genetics for too much longer to keep me trim and/or healthy. Turning forty is like a slap in the face that forces you to consider your own health as you never know what could be lurking around the corner. Diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure checks are all a permanent feature of your life post forty. Depressing, right? So I had my wake up call and announced to the Old Git that I was going to start exercising. He smirked. The kids laughed. Nobody took me seriously.

Keeping fit!
Keeping fit!

Two months on and I am now a fitness guru. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but at least I’ve started exercising a few times a week. That’s a flipping result for me. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them I’ve started running as they’ve all been doing it for about twenty years plus and have failed to enthuse me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t jump out of bed at 5am or ever envisage signing up for the London Marathon but I do feel like I’m the absolute boss after I’ve managed to run for twenty minutes continuously, considering I  could only run for two minutes when I started. I’m high-fiving myself as I type.

I also attend weekly Zumba classes which I LOVE. It’s like going to a  disco on a Monday morning at 9.30 am. Who would have thought? All those years of clubbing pre-marriage/kids have finally come in useful. I am particularly outstanding at the fusion bhangra moves and enjoy lip syncing to every single song. It’s bloody marvellous.

My biggest challenge with my new fitness regime is deciding what to wear. I feel I need to invest in some funky exercise gear as I’m currently wearing fifteen year old tracksuit bottoms and post-pregnancy leggings. It’s not cool, but it’s all I have. The Old Git is hyperventilating at the prospect of a bulk purchase, but has impressively managed to restrain himself from moaning about it. He doesn’t want to piss on my parade, after all.

Chocolate is my weakness/love..
Chocolate is my weakness/love..

As for my diet, I’ve been cutting back on the samosas and chicken pasties. In the past I have had an abnormal intake of these deliciously moreish snacks but they aren’t doing me any favours. They have to go. But I can’t seem to make any progress in cutting back on chocolate. In fact, the other day I went for a really good run and decided to celebrate immediately by eating a giant Easter egg. Not ideal. I have zero self-control when it comes to my chocolate intake and have been known to lecture my kids about the damaging effects of too much sugar whilst chomping on a Toblerone.

The critical question is, will I continue with my new fitness regime? What are the chances of me going out for a run in the winter when it’s pissing down with rain, sleet and snow? Fairly slim, I’d say. But at least exercise is on my radar now. I may even have to consider joining a gym. Shudder. Better late than never, I suppose.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Time to get Fit”

  1. Love it…had to comment! New gear always helps and personally I think it’s a necessity! Fitness levels increase really quickly and once you start seeing the results and get good at it, (whatever exercise you choose) you start to love it!

    Exercise is the easy part being consistent with your nutrition, that’s hard 🙁

    1. Thanks Roschanne! Glad you liked it:) You have just given me the green light to go out and get a whole new fitness wardrobe. Hoorah! And yes, you are so right..the challenge is consistency with diet (and exercise for me!). Let’s see how it all goes!

  2. Keep it up Shazia. I’m nearly 55, hate exercising but have just recently started walking, brisk not the gingerly type. Its so difficult to get up early (though when the kids were young and I was working I’d get up at 4.30am!) so I try and walk in the evenings. What motivated e? Well when I had my first attack of RA, I couldn’t stand up and that was scary. It hit me that I spent hours watching those silly serials, I gave them so much of my time for what? They’re not going to come and help me to stand or walk. I don’t deny the chocolate urge. I just am satisfied with a tiny piece or a small celebration one. That way I’m less likely to binge on other foods. So hang in there, I’ve hung in there for a month now. Hoping to make it a lifestyle change.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. Well done with the brisk walking. It is so scary when we realise that we can’t take our health for granted and hae to be proactive. Good for you and keep it up. And yes, you are right. No point in denying ourselves treats..everything in moderation. Best of luck with the lifestyle change!

  3. Well done Shazia. I used to be quite active until my menopause, after which suddenly I developed arthritis.. I used to walk at least one hour every day and swim a lot too. Now I am only left with a choice of cycling and swimming. Whole day up on my feet and super active.. never thought I will get this problem…

    1. Thanks Shobha. It’s early days yet and the challenge for me is to keep it up. It is a worry when things change with our health..we just never know what issues may arise. All we can do is keep trying to be healthy and fit. Hope the swimming and cycling goes well and the arthritis isn’t too debilitating. Best of luck.

  4. Its lovely to see that you are so motivated, keep up the good work and I am sure once you get a set routine it will be easier to maintain it.

    1. Thanks Nayna. Let’s see where we are in September when the weather takes a turn for the worse…!

  5. I have sat next to you on numerous occasions ( including last night) and I can confirm you can power eat a plate of food quicker than Bolt!You could audition for Britains Got Talent! Its hilirious the waiter always assumes I’m the one with the massive indulgent order. ……Well done You….Before you know it you will be at the school run wearing your fancy gym wear and trainers…..

    1. You know it! I love my food! As for the fancy gym gear..I can’t wait!! Better get shopping!

  6. Love this! Huge well done on your huge running efforts. I used to be a keen runner (in my teens at secondary school lol) and I’m desperately trying to find my ‘inner champion Paula Radcliffe self’ but recently I’m finding it hard to delve so deep. I’ve done a few short runs this week in an attempt to kick start my butt again but as the weekend approached, I’m now channelling my inner Liam Gallagher with not cigs and alcohol but just alcohol, a madras and Saturday night tv/movies. I’ll restart on Monday (Tuesday without the preschooler) I promise myself!!?

    1. Lol Misha! Don’t worry..who doesn’t love a curry and a drink at the weekend?? I don’t thing we have to give up on all the things we love..just do it in moderation i suppose! And if we exercise then at least we won’t feel bad about stuffing our faces with chocolate or overdosing on chicken madras!! x

  7. Excellent Shazia!! I want to start running too but still in the 2 min stage! Love Zumba… as you say … it’s like partying your way into the weekend for me on a Saturday morning 💃🏽!!!

    1. Thanks Sobana! We should try and organise a zumba date one day! As for the’s a gradual process….but we just have to stick with it and then we will see results..eventually!

    1. Lol Donna! I think you have hit the nail on the head. I run so I can eat chocolate and feel slightly less guilty!

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